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Uvs Lake Basin

DSCN5661Uvs Lake Basin ecosystem is the perfect harmony of the different natural zones.  In this place you may explore high mountains, large sand dunes, and deep blue lakes.  The Uvs lake basin is the registered UNESCO natural heritage list in 2005. Beside natural beauty hospitality of local ethic groups is unique. They will welcome you like your uncle.

Kazak ethnics

august tourKazakh is the ethic minority of the country, about 6 percent of total population. Kazakhs live in the Bayan -Ulgii province, in the Altai Mountains. Although they are nomads their culture, language and religion are different from Mongolian.  Apart from livestock from domestic animals, hunting with trained eagle is common in their life. Every year, early October, there are special event of Eagle festival in the west which gives chance to experience and witnessing their culture. 

Altai Mountains

DSCN5615The biggest, tallest Mountain Range in Mongolia which has many summits reaching 4000 meters above sea level. The mountain range is divided in to 2 parts Gobi Altai and Mongol Altai and starches over 900 km from northwest to. Mainly Altai is composed of the Rocky Mountains, consist more than 20 snow capped peaks and glaciers. Huiten is the highest peak of the Altai which stands 4374 meters. Altai mountain range is habitat of endangered snow leopard, rare argali wild sheep, ibex, lynx, as well as many popular animals. The Altai is the ideal destination for adventures; trekking, mountain climbing, mountain skiing and horse riding. Beside adventures, it offers great opportunity explore cultures of minority ethnic groups in Mongolia.

Gurvan Tsenkher caves

P9140034Gurvan tsenkher cave is located in the Mankhan soum of Khovd province. There are two separate caves faced to the north in the slope of the mountain on the bank of Tsenkher River.  20 meters cave was inhabited by humans 40.000-12.000 years ago during the Paleolithic Era. The wall if the cave filled with numerous rock paintings which drawn by man who lived Paleolithic Era. Among the paintings, images of various ancient animals except ibex are identified such as buffalo, ostrich, and elephant are long extinct in Mongolia were depicted.

Khar-Us lake

khar Us LakeKhar- Us Lake is the one of the largest lakes of Mongolia. The lake lies 30 km to the east from Khovd town. A small island in the middle in the middle of the lake forms an interesting landscape. Khar -Us lake is the habitant of many birds and fishes. Wild duck, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls are lived in the lake.

Mongol els sand dune

IMG 2917The largest sand dines in Mongolia which covers an area of 2.727 square kilometers. The sand dune area is relatively vegetated and home of Mongolian and black-tailed gazelle.

Khyargas Lake

Khyargas lakeThird largest lake in the country which is located in the Great Lake Depression between Altai and Khangai mountain ranges. Only Zankhan river through Airag Lake feeds Khyrgas no outlets. Southern edge of the Lake is most beautiful with its rock cliffs.

Bulgan Gol natural reserve

Ih MongolThe Bulgan Gol (River) Natural Reserve was established in 1965 in Hovd aimag's Bulgan soum in order to preserve the population of&nbsp Eurasian Beavers Silver-Tipped Black Sable Stone Marten Mongolian Agama , and more. Located on Mongolia's southwestern national border with China, 250 km from Hovd City, the 1,480-hectare reserve. The area has become a key piece of a major conservation effort to preserve Mongolia's indigenous Eurasian beaver ("minj" in Mongolian) population. Beavers taken from the Bulgan River region (Zungarian Gobi) were re-distributed to the Hovd River and the Tes River (in Uvs aimag) to create new communities there, and allow the region's beaver population to grow beyond the constraints of what the Bulgan River could support. In addition, Torguud ethic group who live around the area their tradition and lifestyle is attractive.

Otgon Tenger

DSCN5615Snow capped Otgontenger Mountain is the highest peak of the Khangai Range and stands 4.021 meters above sea level. Also, Mongolians have worshiped Otgontenger for generations. Every four years, a special religious sacrifice ritual takes a place near the peak of Otgontenger. A small lake, Badar Khundaga that lies on the mountain is unique.