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Travelling tips

 What can I do in Mongolia?

What would you like to do in Mongolia? There are many activities that you can do in the country. If you want to challenge yourself with Mongolian wild nature I would like to recommend you adventures: mountaineering, trekking in the Altai, Mountains, Khuvsgul national park, horse camel ridding tours in the Gobi, vast steppes, fishing trips to the eastern and northern Mongolia, and other cultural explorations. Maybe, you want to relax, have some breaks in Mongolia we will offer you short stop tours in the highlighted destination in the country. 


Hotels in Ulaanbaatar
There are many hotels in Ulaanbaatar but we cooperated with only 3-4 star hotels are situated in city center. Such as Bayangol, Chinggis Khaan, Palace, Kempinski-Khaan Palace and Ulaanbaatar hotels are highly recommended ones. The hotels equipped with most modern style wares, have comfortable 80-200 rooms, internet access, conference hall, health club takes care of your beauty and health. Sauna and bath, qualified massage service, beauty salon and fitness room are at your disposal. Massage in guests rooms arranged by appointment. By the room service you can request coffee, tea, food and beverages, extra pillows, blankets. All rooms are equipped with: Multi channel satellite TV, free of charge high speed internet access, mini bar and international direct dialing telephone.

 Ger camps
Tourist GER camps are the best accommodation closely located to attraction sites through the country, where visitors can experience and feel nomadic way of life. It is a portable round felt house perfectly suited to the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle. The GER consists of a wooden frame carrying a felt cover. In each ger 3-4 people able to stay at tourist camps in Mongolia. The most GER camps have separate typical bathrooms and have less than 6 bathrooms for “Ladies & Gentlemen”. During your trip you will be served Mongolian and European cuisines. Ger, the accommodation for Mongolian nomads might be seemed a bit uncomfortable having insects, dust etc to western and sedentary culture people.  But camp staff always takes special care for guests comfortably and relaxing moments and it provides perfect balance comfort and authenticity. 

Hostels & Guest houses
There are many guest houses and hostels in Ulaanbaatar and some province centers. Most of the guest houses offer you dormitory, single and twin rooms. Activity of all this kind of accommodation is based on local community. If you want to contribute them you are welcome. In the Guest houses/ hostels, beside you have shared room you will share toilet, shower and other facilities

Tented camping
If you are truly adventure looker and nature lover, tented camping is the best accommodation in the countryside. Especially, in remote destinations as Altai Mountains or eastern Mongolia tented camping is highly recommended. 

According to clients request we conducts homestay in nomadic families in countryside that gives you marvelous opportunity to experience nomadic way of life and feel yourself as a Mongolian herder.

As a rising capital city of the Mongolia, there are many modern Italian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Latin American and Mongolian restaurants in Ulaanbaatar, where is available to be served western and eastern standard meals or Mongolian traditional cuisines. Most of the old style restaurants serve Russian food, and this type of food is common in the tourist camps in countryside. Small local restaurants and cafes serve Mongolian food such as buuz and khuushuur (steamed and fried beef, mutton dumpling) and others.

The main components of Mongolian meals are beef, mutton and milk products. The most popular drink is milk-tea, which is bit a salty and served every time. Also you will be offered with many kinds of milk products such as airag mare’s fermented milk, yogurt, and milk cream butter etc in Mongolian family in countryside. 

Domestic Transformation        

Comparatively domestic transportation in the country is not highly developed.The road condition in Mongolian is a not good. Paved roads are only available surrounding major towns including Ulaanbaatar. So jeep, 4WD cars are highly recommended ride. Besides that tourist bus, minivan (Delica), Japanese vans, jeep with air condition, and Russian vehicles are commonly used. Although Russian van and Russian jeep has not air condition and other extra facilities, they are best ride for bumpy and poor condition of roads. 

A vast, sparsely populated country with little infrastructure, Mongolia relies heavily on air transport.  There are 2 airlines for domestic flight of Mongolia: Eznis airways and Aero Mongolia. Airport facilities are very basic local community except from Chinggis Khaan international airport in Ulaanbaatar. The local airports are and sometimes very crowded. The personal luggage allowance on domestic flights is 15kg; the cost per kilo of baggage is 3400-4100Tg depending on distance.

There are wide range entertainments from Mongolian folklore concerts to classic operas, from pubs to busy night clubs in Ulaanbaatar. As visitor we would like to recommend you first  Mongolia folk Music and Dance Performance included wonderful melodies of Morin  Khuur Mongolia traditional musical instrument, long song, khoomei (throat singing) an amazing double tuned melody from  man throat, and beautiful folk dances.  In some places provides you great opportunity to explore perfect harmony of modern and traditional music and arts. 

Health and fitness
As you may already know Mongolia is not a recommended destination for relaxing leisure travel.

This is a vast wildish country rugged landscape and a little infrastructure. Traveling Mongolia especially when taking a long adventure tour can be exhausting. You will encounter rough lengthy roads, high altitude, in favorable weather and basic accommodations. You may drive up to 10 hours per day in the long days light times if the summer months. For camel and horseback riding you ay ride as long as 8 hours per day. Therefore we suggest you to make sure that you are aware of the type of the adventure and physical exertion that you will be involved in by thoroughly studying your itinerary before booking a tour.

Currency exchange
The national currency pf Mongolia is a tugrug. Bank note are issued for 20.000, 10.000, 5.000, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1 tugrug demonstrations. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at commercial banks their branches, exchange centers and major hotels, international airport.  As 10th of March, 2009 UD$ 1 was worth 1569.92 tugrug (Mongol bank rate) and it is subject to fluctuation. It is recommended carrying certain amount US$ and euro cash that is accepted. Major hotels, restaurants and tourist shops now accept credit cards such as American express, Visa, Master cards. It is also available exchange traveler cheques in the banks.