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Amarbayasgalant monastery

amarbayasAmarbayasgalant, the most beautiful monastery in Mongolia was built in 1717-1723 and dedicated to Bogd Zanabazar the first reincarnate lama of Mongolian Buddhism.  The architecture and history of the monastery makes it most significant and an amazing. The main temple has constructed with wooden block puzzles without single iron nail. 1930’s political purges distorted monastery and burned Sutras and valuable objects of the monastery, and murdered many monks like others. After democratic revolution in 1990’s the monastery repaired and retarded religious activity with young lamas. Amarbaysgalant is located 360km to the north from Ulaanbaatar.

Erdenet city

Erdenet cityErdenet, the second largest city in the country. Erdenet was established in the mid if of 20the century in order to hosting miners who going to work on the Copper nine. Nowadays population of the city is nearly 76.000 and most of them work for Erdenet copper mine which produces around 35% of Mongolian annual GDP.

Uran Togoo

Uran togoo, the natural reserve occupies a territory of 8 square kilometers, with an elevation of 1.686 meters above sea level. Protected under the status of “Natural Monument”. Old extinct volcano and its crater is 500 to 600 meters wide and DSC 726650 meters deep, filled with a small “crater lake” about 20 meters in diameter. The volcano covered with lash green forest, even its crater.

Khuvsgul Lake

KhuvsgulKnown as the “blue pearl” of Mongolia, Lake Khuvsgul is one of the largest, deepest lake in the country. Khuvsgul national park stretches north to south and consist Khoridil Saridag Mountains, taigas which surrounded lake and it all duded as Mongolia Switzerland. Lake is 136 km long and 30 km wide, at 1,645m above sea level, and 1% of total fresh water recourse of the earth. It is frozen from January until April or May. In khuvsgul area shamanism is practiced as a religion among the Darkhads, and the Tsaatan reindeer herders. The national park provides the best opportunity to hiking, boating, bird watching and explores multicultural experience. Fishing is allowed with a license for the abundant Taimen, Siberian whitefish and grayling, lenok, umber, Baigal Omul and river perch.

Tsaatan/ reindeer people

Tsaatan people2Tsaatan, reindeer herders who live taigas north Darkhad depression and northwest of Khuvsgul Lake is the most interesting ethnic group. For many decades they have habited in the Taiga- forested mountains. The main source of their life is reindeer, and hunting, and other natural plants. Every season of the year they drink milk of the reindeer and used its hide for clothing. Mongolian Tsaatan originated from Tuvans, live in Siberia. Another aspect that makes them fascinating is their religion. Shamanism originally practiced in Tsaatan community.

Darkhad depression

Darkhad valleyDarkhad depression is located to the west of Khvuvsgul lake surrounded Ulaantaiga and Khoridol Saridag mountains. There are many rivers which empty to Khuvsgul Lake and small lakes. The depression is named by the ethnic people, Darkhads who live among this area. The trekking, fishing, horse ridding, cultural and natural trips are real adventure in the depression.