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Did you know that Mongolia has more than three million horses? Mongolia is definitely  the best place to ride horse. Standing no taller than 1.6 meters at shoulder height, Mongolian horses may look at ponies at first glance. However, Mongol horses are very strong with amazing stamina. They are the best horse breed to adapt to Mongolia’s harsh climatic conditions and nomadic way of life.

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Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan


Length: 11days/10nights

Tour grade: Moderate

Horse riding level: Intermediate beginners

Group size: 2-15people

Potential period: June-September



  • Chinggis Khaan equestrian monument
  • 13th century theme park, Baldan bereeven Monastery,
  • Deluun Boldog: birthplace of Chinggis Khaan
  • Historical Three-river basinViews of the Khentii Mountains
  • Cross cultural experiences



Tour info
Perhaps you were drawn to Mongolia due to the country’s rich history and Chinggis Khaan’s great Mongolian Empire. If so, we recommend this tour, as you will embark on a journey to the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan and the places where he and his family lived. The Mongolian nomadic way of life is highly dependent on horses. Horses are not only important animals for herding animals and for riding but they are also worshipped and protected as sacred animals.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar
Day 2. 13th Century Complex
Day 3. Bereeven Monastery
Day 4. Binder village/ Chinggisyn toonot
Day 5. Dadal village-Birth place of great Khaan
Day 6. Horse riding day
Day 7. KhuduuAral.
Day 8. Horse riding among Aurag Ordo
Day 9. Riding among Herlen River monuments
Day 10. Ulaanbaatar
Day 11. Departure

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and meet our guide and driver. Transfer to hotel and check in. In the afternoon short city tour in Ulaanbaatar city: visit Sukhbaatar Square, Chinggis Khaan’s monument, National Museum of Mongolian History, and visit Zaisan Memorial for Panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2. 13th Century Complex
Drive to the 13th century theme park of Mongolian Empire. On the way shortstop to see Golden Whip Statue Chinggis Khaan, which was, construct for 800th anniversary of Mongolian Empire. Continue tour to the 13th century complex, where you may feel yourself exploring ancient Mongolia. The entire complex aimed to show ancient tribe structure and their culture and lifestyle. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 3. Bereeven Monastery
Drive to the Baldan bereeven Monastery which was built as in 1777. The monastery was larges Buddhist center in the eastern Mongolian where served more that 8000 lamas and hosted prayers from Inner Mongolia. In 1930’s monastery was destroyed completely and only ruin of the main temples and some Buddhist image carvings in the northern mountain rocks are left. As an other monasteries in Mongolia Baldan Bereeven monastery was restored since democratic changes in 1992s. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 4. Binder village/ Chingissin toonot
Drive to the Chinggisiin toonot camp, which located in the Binder. Visit Rashaan khad the rock cliff that carved horse brand of Ancient Mongolian tribes. Nearby the cliff, it is able to observe mounds and archaeological findings from neoliths and Bronze Age. Horse riding. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 5. Dadal village
Drive to the Dadal soum of Khentii province the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan. Visit Deluun boldog and place where Temuujin’s ancestors were lived. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 6. Undurkhaan town
Drive to Undurkhaasn town, center of Khentii province. Visit local Museum and monument of Great khaan. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 7. Khuduu Aral
Drive to Huduu Aral of Herlen River (country Island of Kherlen River) where Chinggis Khaan’s family lived and settled their Aurag Ordo. In addition, Huduu Aral is the place where Secret History of Mongols, the famous book about Great Khaan and his history was completed. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 8. Kharzurkhenii Khukh nuur
Drive to the Kharzurkhenii Khukh nuur where Temuujin proclaimed as a Chingiis Khaan and established Mongol Empire in 1206. overnight ate ger camp.

Day 9. Terelj National park
Drive to Terelj National Park. In the way stop on Terelj Ovoo pile of rocks that on the mountain pass. It is related to shamanism’s tradition to protect natural spirits.  Tour continues to cave and arrive at tourist ger camp. After lunch Horse riding to Turtle Rock, Aryabal meditation temple. Short hike to the mountain see picturesque scenery of National Park. Overnight at ger camp.

Day 10. Ulaanbaatar
Drive to Ulaanbaatar. Visit Gandan the largest monastery in Mongolia, Bogd Khaan winter palace and shopping. In the evening enjoy Mongolian folk music and dance performance. Overnight at hotel

Day 11. Departure
Check out the hotel transfer to airport or train station. Tour ends.




  • 4 star hotel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar for 2 nights shared room
  • Ger camp accommodation  for 8 nights
  • Full boarding
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Transportation by, Japanese van
  • Horse riding fee
  • Sightseeing entrance fee
  • National park tax


  • International airfare transportation
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal nature expanses
  • Any additional not mentioned above