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Eastern Mongolian strictly Protected Area

Eastern Mongolian protected areaThe protected area is the home of 25 species of mammals such as Mongolian and white tailed gazelle, 125 species of birds, bustard, steppe eagle, and upland buzzard, and other greatest wildlife and flora. Thousands of gazelles, the largest populations in the Asia, habited in the steppe. So, Eastern Mongolian strictly Protected Area is dubbed as a Mongolian Serengeti. There are no human habitants along the Mongolian and Chinese border for over 200 kilometers on the southeastern edge of Great eastern Plains.

Mongol Daguur strictly protected area

MongoldaguurThe northern edge of the eastern plains Mongol Daguur protected area is located on the Mongolian and Russian border. The area was protected to reserve representative portion the eastern steppe and its flora and fauna that include some endangered species. Endangered birds as whooper swan, relict gull, mandarin duck and great bustard inhabit in the area.

Dariganga Plains/ Dari Ovoo

dariganga death volcanosThe Dariganga steppe along the eastern border of Mongolia is famous for its great history and rich wildlife. Thousands of white tail gazelles grazing across the steppe are main image of Dariganga. The golden sand dunes, lakes, mineral spring are not forgettable part if its nature. Dari Mountain which is worshiped by the local people for many centuries is dedicated to good spirit of man.

Shiliin Bogd

ShiliiN bogdShiliin Bogd extinct volcano is located 60km to the southeast of Dariganga soum center and lies 1778 meters above sea level. The mountain is the tallest landmark in the great steppe offers opportunity to observe surrounding in 400km distance. Th Shiliin Bogd is famous in the country as it is believed that man who climbed to the top of this mountain with morning sun rise and call of good fortunes are granted with them.

Khalkh gol

Khalkh golThe famous Khalkha River starts from from Khyangan mountain range and empties into the Buir Lake. Khalkh river is the witnessed the World War 2 in 1939.

Steppe cave

Steppe caveTaliin Agui is the largest caves in Mongolia 14 km to the north of Shiliin Bogd Mountain.  The cave is located in the middle of vast steppe and stretches 200meters in length and occupies in total space of 100.000 cubic meters.  Taliin Cave is creation of volcanic air pressure under the ground.

Ganga Nuur

Ganga nuurIt is a beautiful fresh water lake located between the mountainous steppe and Gobi regions. It composes the special local climate and combination of the sand dunes and small lakes in this are form attractive natural scenery. The lake is habitat of numerous rare birds’ whooper swan and napped crane. Also the lake hosts thousands of migrating birds to the south in early October.